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  • Newsletter December 2014
    It is Christmas time! Time for love and time for giving. In this month's newsletter you will be informed about "Clothing Donation" and how to apply the "Ecological Christmas" during festive days.
  • Newsletter November 2014
    Time for Cleaning! Wear your EUC T-shirt, gloves and take a waste bag and join us the cleaning day around the university campus. For more information and for more news refer to this current's issue.
  • Newsletter October 2014
    Two essential events related to Graffiti Day and Cyprus Natural Environment and Biodiversity workshop were organized by this month. Enjoy your day by reading the current issue.
  • Newsletter September 2014
    Another bicycling event is also organized by this month. From this month's newsletter, you will be informed everything about the bicycling event and the voltage optimization transformer which was installed at our university for energy saving purposes.
  • Newsletter June 2014
    From this month's newsletter, you will be informed everything about the green events and the next green goals.
  • Newsletter May 2014
    EUC Bicycling Day is almost a fact. From this month's newsletter, you will learn many interesting things about the bicycling event. Join us and have fun.
  • Newsletter March 2014
    In this newsletter you can find interesting articles about minimizing the paper and suggesting ways to further reduce the sheets consumption in printing and copying at EUC. Recycling bins have been also installed to increase the environmental awareness of students, personnel and visitors of the University.
  • Newsletter February 2014
    In this issue you will learn about the tree of the year. A simple guide for creating a Cyprus Garden is also mentioned in this current issue.
  • Newsletter January 2014
    Do you know what's a composting? Have you ever carried out the composting process? The captivating article about the process of the composting method you can read in this month's newsletter.